Bethel Park Memorial Elementary PTA


The goal of the Memorial Elementary PTA is to provide each child who attends our school with fun and educational opportunities which will enhance the great learning experience our teachers and administrators provide. With a strong support system, our children will be able to strive for and achieve their dreams…they are the future; let’s help make it a successful one!

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All meetings are at 7:00 p.m. in the
Memorial Multi-Purpose Room.

  • TBD
Our new calendar on MemberHub: MemberHub Calendar

Student Directory - A new window will open. You MUST register before gaining access to the directory.
First Name Last Name Position Room Email Extension
First Name Last Name Position Room Email Extension
Mary Bentel Teacher 13 1082
Catherine Salay Instr. Support IST 1061
Aaron Booz Teacher Music 8354
Steve Bruno Teacher Music 1418
Karen Sakowitz Teacher Reading 1087
Jill Schall Teacher 12 1907
Jim Foster Teacher 23 8185
Betty Francis Teacher 7 1381
Melissa Hruby Teacher 22 1135
Elizabeth Johnston Teacher Reading 1204
Jennifer McAfoos Teacher 14 1566
Stephanie Miller Teacher 8 3316
Kristen Mills Teacher 4 1067
Tracy Smith Teacher 6 1448
Cathy Oczkowski Librarian Library 3346
Ciretta Mickey Noontime Aide      
Toddy Reese Teacher 21 1065
Michelle McClellan Enrichment 1593
Eric Hamilton Phys Ed Teacher Gymnasium 8327
Lauren Silay Phys Ed Teacher Gymnasium 8955
Georgeann Collins Teacher 2 1464
Amy Mittner Teacher Art 1455
Keri Spell Teacher 10 8200
Brittany Abbey Teacher 20 3335
Maureen Swogger Teacher Speech 1407
Nancy Tweel Teacher Music 8380
Kristen Ritchie Teacher 1263
Lynne Augenstein Noontime Aide      
Judith Barry Paraprofessiona 1429
Karen Bianco Paraprofessiona 1356
Linda Bove Paraprofessiona 1545
Annette DiCello Noontime Aide      
Penny Giannangeli Instr. Aide 1484
Helen Golden Instr. Aide  
Pam Brace Noon Aide      
Joyce Koch Noontime Aide 1110
Tom Hrvatin Custodian  
Susan Hodgson Paraprofessiona  
Elizabeth Page Paraprofessiona 1342
Diane Rall Teacher Computer Lab 8881
Pat Wasemann Noontime Aide     8921
Jacob Lewis Custodian  
Eric Chalus Principal Office 8506
Eileen Wallace Nurse Nurse's Office 8508
Jan Siwek Nurse's Aide Nurse's Office 8508
Darla Morrow Secretary Office 8506
Cindy Wood Social Worker  
Melissa Porter Teacher 3 1427
Joyce Searles Paraprofessiona  
Elizabeth Maidman Teacher 5 1066
Jennifer Saussol Teacher 15 3333
Erin Sweeney Teacher 1 3381

Frequently Asked Questions about the PTA

  • What’s the difference between a PTA and a PTO?
  • The PTA is a non-profit, tax exempt, national organization where a PTO is limited to the resources of the individual school. The PTA board receives supplies and reference material from the state and national level. We also carry liability insurance at a national level.
  • What do my dues pay for?
  • A portion of your dues goes to the state to cover materials and resources and also insurance. The other portion stays with us to provide for activities our fundraising doesn't cover, such as assemblies and class parties.
  • What’s in it for me?
  • PTA's keep parents involved and informed. The improve children's school environment and experience by adding a variety of fun and educational programs, providing resources for the teachers and buying equipment for the school, just to name a few. Rigorous studies show that when parents are involved, children do better in school. You get the right to vote on important changes at your child's school. You get to voice your concerns at PTA meetings. You get a voice at school board meetings.
  • What happens at a PTA meeting?
  • Minutes are reviewed from the last meeting. The Principal gives a report. Each board member gives a report, such as the budget and any thank you notes are mentioned. We then go through committee updates, questions or problems. At the end, we have an open discussion where anyone can bring up anything to talk about. All decisions made at the meeting must be voted on and approved before it can go into effect.
  • What is a "room parent" and why do I have to be a PTA member to be one?
  • A room parent is a name we give to parents who want to help out at holiday parties. You DO NOT have to be a room parent to help when the teacher calls you or to go on field trips. You DO have to be a PTA member to help at parties because the parties are paid for by PTA funds. This rule is determined on the national level of the PTA.
  • What can parents who are new to the school do to become involved?
  • At the beginning of the year, we sent home a short letter naming a few things that were easy to start with. We always need volunteers, no matter if you can help for a week or an hour. You can contact the chairperson directly or any of the board members. All contact information is located on the website.